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Buck's fascia & newbie

Buck's fascia & newbie

I’m now following the newbie routine for 8 weeks and over the last 2-3 weeks I noticed that I increasingly feel this ‘steel rod’ when doing my stretches. In the meantime I have learned that this is Buck’s fascia or the dorsal thickening and I’ve been doing some reading on this. I also read the entire thread of Mem’s momentous method.

When I do my stretches, I don’t really feel any stress on the ligs, except when I stretch to the left or to the right. It feels as if Buck’s fascia is taking all the stress. I don’t understand why in that case it is still recommended to continue with the newbie method until the 3 months mark? Wouldn’t it be better to start attacking buck’s fascia (EG with fulcrum stretches) rather than making it thougher with manual stretches? While continuing the jelking exercises of course.

I understand that the newbie routine (in particular the normal manual stretches) helps to condition the penis for PE, but I don’t see how this actually has any effect if Buck’s fascia is taking all the stress, and not the ligs?

Any thoughts?

You probably know this stuff but make sure you understand the physiology (Illustrations of the Tunica and Ligs). The ligaments are actually really good at taking the stress and spreading it out. You can change the stress distribution by stretching to one side or the other and by doing btc stretches.

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Memento, are you saying that I may be stretching the ligs without feeling it as such?

I think dorsal thickening is not Buck’ fascia; dorsal thickeing is referred to tunica albuginea, buk’ fascia is not part of tunica. On dorsal thickening
Knowing whether you are limited by Dorsal Thickening/Septum

first page and the last 2-3 ones should give you a quick point of the topic.

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Thanks for clarifying this. Looks like I mixed up certain words and that my thread now has a completely inappropriate title.

Anyway, my question still remains I’m afraid: taking into account the purpose of the newbie routine (stretching the ligs + conditioning), why should I wait with targetting the dorsal thickening if I believe the dorsal thickening is taking all the stress while stretching?

‘Targeting’, what you mean by that? I suppose it is basically applying more force on that point than regular stretches apply. Connective tissue, like tunica, tend to grow more with mild, prolonged and repeated stretches instead than with high forces; when a lot of force is applied, they grow strong very fast without growing much longer. So better to start with less intensive stretches and apply more intense stretches as last resort.


Often stetching the ligs is felt more after the fact, near the attachment points. Try those different directions, it may change the sensation for you radically.

If you look at marinera’s attachment you’ll see that near the top in the middle is where the two chambers of the CC join. That is likely to be the point you are feeling. It’s normal, expected, would have been there prior to PE, and probably not your limiting factor at the moment.

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Thanks, I believe I understand it now.

What are your starting measurements and have you seen growth in the two months of PE? You want to start questioning what you are doing when you hit plateaus.

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Routine, Pics

Hi Craven - during my first month I built up to 5 min stretching and 20 min jelking, but this did not produce any gains. On your advice, I then changed my routine to 10 min stretching and 10 min jelking. This almost instantly produced 0.2 inch length galns but this is also when I started to feel the dorsal thickening. I have continued this routine up to now, but there are no signs that additional gains are coming. PIs are good. I will now start to increase jelking with half a minute per week.

It’s recommended that you do the newbie/beginner routines for (at least) 1 month up to 3 months.

After that first month (and hopefully some newbie gains) you can progress to intermediate routines and exercises. It is always stressed to change your routine one exercise at a time…progressing as slowly as possible to avoid over conditioning or injury.

Fulcrum work is advanced stuff and should really only be used by those with at least 6 months experience under their belt (yes pun intended).

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