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There is a technique called “Between The Thighs” that is supposed to enlarge the testicles ..

Does anyone know anything about it or any other testicle enlarging exercises?

Massaging them and putting cold water on them while taking a shower has made them slightly bigger for me.

Damiana will work as a supplement, do a search for information.

COLD water?

I’m surprised.. I heard about hot water all the time.

Yeah same here I thought it was wit hot water.

What else did anyone hear?

I am not sure now whether it’s cold or hot water.

Originally Posted by Illuminator
COLD water?
I’m surprised.. I heard about hot water all the time.

Cold water will contract the balls and make them gradually bigger over time because it will increase blood flow to you balls. Never use hot water, it is really bad for your sperm.

High temperatures kill sperms. Even the heat emitted from using your laptop on your lap is supposed to be bad for your sperm.

Suddenly I’m wondering, does this mean that people who live in colder temperatures ejaculate more than those who live in hotter places, like here in Singapore.

I’m new as well, nice to meet you guys.

That would make sense that cold water is better. The reason the balls are outside of the body in the first place is to have a cooler atmosphere.

Well so far I know it was the permanent heat to kill sperms so I guess it might be true about the cold countries..

Well guess I could try the cold water thing.


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