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BTC Stretching

BTC Stretching

I have a couple of questions regarding btc stretching. First of all, since I just started doing a routine (haven’t tried PE in about 2 years), is it to early to even think about this stretch? After all, it is a rather complicated stretch. Second, when I do this stretch, after following the video, I notice that my balls get in the way when I pull back. It hurts. I have to keep a leg up on the toilet or bathtub. If I try to put my leg back down, I crush my balls. Is this common? Something that I just have to get used to?

It’s not too early to start. From your dick’s point of view it’s not any more complicated than most other stretches. But, since you can use the added strength of your leg in the stretch, you can potentially create as much force as your grip and dick can stand, so just go easy at first.

To some extent, the ball issue is something you have to get used to when you really pull your dick down and then back up your ass crack. However, I find it helps if I take my other hand and sort of push my balls down and back between my legs. Or, when I do the stretch lying on my back or on my side, my sack sometimes sticks to my thighs and I need to reach down and push it free. Then my stretched dick sort of nudges my ball sack to one side or the other and the boys don’t get smashed.

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