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Btc strech balls pain

Btc strech balls pain

Hi, I started performing BTC stretch, but it’s quite painful for my balls. I have quite muscular legs from cycling so maybe that’s the problem, I make too much pressure?

It hurts, because it’s pushing my balls up. I can even feel little pain in my belly.

When doing this I push my balls to the right and have the penis go around them on the left side.

Ok, I will try it.
I don’t want to start new thread so I will ask here.

When iam doing regular stretches, I do the OK grip under my shaft, but it hurts my shaft a lot when iam performing it. I am uncut.
Shoud I leave the skin over my shaft? Because then I feel a little bit conmfortable

Hmm I think most guys will tell you to pull the skin back so you get a good stretch in the shaft rather than the skin. I am cut, but I am sort of half way between completely cut and uncut, and I usually pull the skin back and then grip under the head. If it is hurting maybe you are pulling to hard. Start out slow/light/soft.

Pulling too hard or jelqing too hard in the beginning will prevent gains because your penis will react to the stress by retracting.

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