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BTC Question

BTC Question

Ok, I have a question about BTC stretches.

Is it literally between the butt cheeks? Like pulling your dick up, through your cheeks so your penis head is touching your back (if you can get that far)?

Or is it just pulling straight out behind you, so your dick is parallel to the floor, but behind you. Does one method work better than the other?


You pretty much have it Mick. Often the easiest thing to do is to rest your gripping hand against the butt. This means your penis doesn’t quite rest in the cheeks. If you adopt this hold whilst bending forward and then straighten you boddy gingerly you will increase the strain.

You can also use the legs as the straining mechanism by pulling the grip down tight between the legs and straightening the body again.

You may see a slight difference in angle but there is no inherent reason why one should be more effective that the other, simply go by feel when judging efficacy.

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