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Hi everyone,

I have been PEing since January ‘09, pretty religiously.

My question is; I have noticed the tip of my head forming a discoloration.
It is somewhat purple and has little white dots..

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but one thing I notice is;
Sometimes when I am stretching, I am limp and I do my jelqs sometimes at 80% erect.

Any advice out there?


I’ve been doing PE for a year and I have had various bruises and discolorations, red spots from small broken blood vessels etc. And for the most part they are gone within a few days. Give it a little rest and I think you’ll find it recovers nicely.

The blue/purple bruises do take longer.

Also you should use less force when jelqing, and stretching. Limp penis is a sign you are overdoing things

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Thank you for the prompt replies. How much time do you think I should take off?

I really want to keep at it. I am on a mission but want to be smart about it too.

I developed some small, but dark, bruises on the tip of my unit in my beginning days of PE. Looking back it was probably from zealous overtraining. I was concerned when the bruises did not go away after a week’s break from PE, but I kept up the PE.

Today the bruises are barely noticeable, you can only see them if you are looking for them. So I wouldnt worry about bruising/discoloration as long as you are doing safe PE, they will fade with time. The way I see it, a having a huge unit is a pretty good consolation prize for getting a little bruising/discoloration along the way.

Thanks 2005rwb. For the first time, I am taking 1 week off PEing.
I will continue the hard work and hope my unit continues to grow.

Anybody know much about Vimax Pills?
Just started about 1 week ago.

Take off 1 week or 1 month of PE.

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