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Hi guys / girls

My first post :-

I have been wet jelqing on and off for a few months without results, after finding this site I decided to try dry and think I may have overdone it. When wet jelqing all of the spotting I had was around the glans and tip of the foreskin, but after a few sessions of dry I have spots all over the shaft and also a 1cm in diameter blood spot with a few little bumps in it which are painful. I understand that I will probably need to take a few days off now but would you please advise if I have overdone it.



Hello leada. Dry Jelqs are more intense than wets; probably you overdid it. Rest some days, and re-start with less intensity/duration.

Maybe you could post a pic of your unit?

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Yes, you have overdone it.

After recovering fully, start more gently, and try building up the time not the intensity. It sounds like you are squeezing much too hard; jelqing is about the pressure of the ‘wave’ of blood you move up the penis, not the pressure of the squeeze felt on the shaft.

The pressure needs to exceed full erection pressure, but you should not be trying to make your cock explode!

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Lol, your right, I would not want my cock to explode.

If you jelq without moving your fingers each stroke, you will bust a vein and get a bruise. The easiest way to do this is to altenate hands every stroke or two.

I’ve done it myself half a dozen times over the years. My bruise usually was pretty much gone after 3 days.

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