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Bruised skin, what happened

Bruised skin, what happened

Hi fellow PE’ers.

Some 5-6 days ago, I noticed I had managed to bruise/tear a small part of my foreskin, just below the head. The skin was really sensitive and felt very dry, I couldn’t touch the area at all and PEing was out of the question. Also, using body lotions hurt somewhat and body fluids (sperm) hurt like hell, indicating that it was (at least a small) open wound.

I know that a couple of days earlier I increased the intensity of my jelqs slightly, so that was probably the cause. However, my question is, how did I manage to pull that off? Did the blood amount increase so much that it actually burst through the skin? What really happened?

The wound is healing up pretty well now, it doesn’t hurt at all and the skin seems to be recovering fine. A few more days and I’ll be back to PE (but with less intensity). I just don’t want to experience this again. Did anyone experience something similar? What caused this? How do I prevent it from happening again?

(Oh, btw, after my first 1,5 months I’ve gained roughly one third of an inch. Woho! This stuff really works!)

Thanks in advance!


Sounds like you might have rubbed off a couple of layers of skin, down to the raw sensitive layer.

Do you jelq wet or dry? If wet, what type of lubrication are you using? How long do you jelq for? What erection level do you jelq at?

Rubbed off a couple of layers of skin? Ouch.. Sounds pretty close to what it felt like earlier, yes.

I wet jelq, oil-based lube. Maybe 15-20 minutes of jelqing at roughly 50-60% of erection.

Personally I would take a couple days off until the skin becomes less sensitive.Pulling on it more is just going to agitate it more.Also be mindful hot showers will only increase the dryness as I have found out.

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