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After a session today, not really any much harder than normal I thought, I finished to find a bruise on the side of my shaft about the size of 1/2 to 3/4 the size of a penny. Looks like I broke the one smaller vein that runs up that side of the shaft, I think it’s just on the skin and I don’t think I damaged any of the “meat” of my unit. I plan to take a couple days off until it goes away, but this isn’t anything to be worried enough to get the Doctor to look at right? Seems like I broke the vessel alittle and blood spread out alittle.

I would just let it sit for a couple days. We all have had our bumps and bruises. Just remember you only have one dick, break that shit and you are done dude.

After it heals, don’t do your exercises with so much pressure or intensity next time :) Work up to a high intensity.

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