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Bruce's Routine

Bruce's Routine

Well this is my first post.. Give me all the advise you can!

Tools: Infrared light, tracking device SG, Hanger BIB, JELQ, ROP. Leather ball stretcher.

My routine:

First off I wear my ROP whenever I’m not using my tracking device.

2 sets of 25 minutes hanging 7.5 lbs *when I hang I have my infrared light on it the whole time*wearing ROP.

Take a shower *schedule shower after hanging JELQ for 25-30 minutes *wearing ROP.

After JELQ or hanging (if I had no time for JELQ) I put my tracking device on and leave it on for 2 hours *I Have it at a very tight stretch using a rubberband to keep it from slipping off! *No ROP on for this.

Then I put ROP back on and and leather ball stretcher, by the end of the day on my last shower I take I’ll v stretch and regular hand jelq for 20 minutes.

““Lots of lotion or neosporin after everything :)


L-arginine, L-lysine, lecithin, cernilton (flower pollen extract)

6.75” x 5.1”
Uncircumcised And Wearing Jacobs Ladder**

Could you clear up a couple of things?

What is ROP?

Does your tracking device have a brand name?

Is ROP - Ring of power?

Working on Length

Hanging, PM and ADS

Ring of Power channels 1 volt through your member giving you more testosterone.

Traction device SizeGenetics

Originally Posted by gprent


No, I thought he was talking about the Ballzinger that Supra used to make called the Ring of power. I already own it. I was just wondering if That’s what he meant.

Working on Length

Hanging, PM and ADS

Thanks brucecali. I don’t use those products, but hopefully someone who does will give you some feedback.

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