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Brown spot

Brown spot

I’ve been PEing for over a year now. I got a reddish spot after jelqing one day. I took a day off. The spot hasnt gone away after several days and has turned brown. It looks just like a freckle. Same size and color. It is right over a vein. Is this something that’s not going to go away?

Good question davesj1. I personally haven’t seen anything like this. Of course the best thing to do would be to wait and see if it goes away before continuing (if you’re worried about getting more). I would like to hear from other members that have maybe seen something similar.

Could be discoloration. I have that too at the top of my dick. Don’t worry about it, it is nothing bad.

I took off another 3 days and it’s still here. I’m not very worried, it’s small. I guess it’s here to stay


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