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Brother mocks me

Originally Posted by androNYC

Ever crap on your bathroom floor because you knew you had ass-spew heading out your back door right NOW and that you weren’t going to make it to the toilet proper— and that it would be easier to clean a flat floor than all around the toilet and the seat and all the nooks and grannies?

I hope that wasn’t on a very hot day, then the shit might have really hit the fan.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Nah— no fans on the floor.

Plus that would have defeated the whole point of not making a mess where it was difficult to clean

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Calmly reason with your brother with a logical, well thought out argument about the many benefits of an extender. Either that or punch him in the nuts while he is sleeping and then spray law enforcement quality pepper spray in his face. One of the two.

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Shit ass motherfuckers flipped the doodoo switch on this one.



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