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Broke Length Plateau but Lost Girth

Broke Length Plateau but Lost Girth

Hello Thunders posse.

I know this is the umpteenth time this situation that has been raised, but I just wanted to raise it again because I haven’t found any suitable answers. Basically, I hit a plateau in mid January that has FINALLY been broken. I was about 6.75 BPEL and 4.6 EG for the longest time, and for the first time in a long while I woke up with a raging boner and measured at 6.875 BPEL. Somehow that PI’s thread didn’t truly click until just now. They are very important guys!

The triumph of the gain however, was tempered with you guessed it: EG loss. Im about 4.4 EG now. That doesn’t really add up for me, especially since the length gain came right at a time when I decided to change my routine to focus more on girth, which is as follows:

(2 on 1 off)
Morning: warm up 10 min
5 10-sec. Manual stretches all directions
Warm down 10 min

Evening: warm up 10 min
100 wet jelqs
5 min fowfers
5 Uli’s 30 sec.
10 min warm down

It’s sort of a mem’s routine tailored to my situation: Not experienced enough PE’er to do Horse 440s, and doing regular stretches since I think my ligs are tight, even though I already gained an inch from the newbie routine a while back (my BPFSL << my BPEL). I’m not really sure what to think though… does anyone have any thoughts on what could be going on? I’ve read the other threads, which stated it could be a visual illusion since my dick is getting longer (but I actually measured it and it really is less), it could be temporary (but why would this happen with all of the girth work in my routine anyways?), or girth actually tends to come with length too. I’m hoping its the last one and its all temporary…

Damn this is scary. You actually can lose girth with length gain? You sure you didn’t measure it wrong?

That is why I do a blend of intense length w/ mild girth work for every workout. I feel that they work together well. Gains complement each other (up to a point).


I measured it multiple times and it is definitely a bit smaller. Which kind of concerns me since I am pretty well on my way towards what many girls (and guys) would refer to as a “pencil dick.” I want to point fingers at the fowfers, but other people seem to do fine with those. Maybe I’m doing the Uli’s incorrectly?

On the other hand I’m actually quite relieved that some change has occured. After pulling my dick in various ways for 10 weeks and seeing NOTHING change… well I was about ready to quit PE. I’m glad I once again realize I have the power to change my dick.

xtreme, whats your routine?

….aaaaand, it looks like it was only temporary. EG shot up .2” in one week. Crazy but true. Another case of the “4thewind post-turned irrelevant after one week” for teh win!!1

Your not the only one who gain length and loose girth.

I believe in the end it’s not a lost of girth, but girth that is moving to new spots of the length. It’s only a thought about it :) .

From a guy who managed to get the same problem like you

Not updated progress in a long time.

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