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Brighter PEnis

Brighter PEnis

How can we have a brighter penis ?

Is there any thing exercise ,lube ,cream.

All exercise make it darker, you can get some lightening cream.

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I am a total newbie and am concerned with the above mentioned, too.As far as the whole

Color thing goes, is it possible to keep your unit looking clear for a dedicated PEer?I am extremely happy to have

Stumbled over this site(planning on making PE a lifetime endeavour) but would like to keep a decently-colored unit.

Can anybody recommend any products?Names of brands would be appreciated.And is it only when you take a break from PEing(I hope it is reversible) that you can bring the lightness back or is it possible to stop your unit from getting darker by using creams and stuff while PEing?

Thanks a lot.

I believe wrapping before and after (which you should do anyway) helps prevent discolouration.

There have been a few posts on the subject so try searching and there should be a few helpful posts.


I actually did a thorough search on discoloration after posting and read all about it(from creams to “shedding your snake”).Seems like wrapping(and I was thinking maybe some slight massaging after PE ?) is the way to go.I already promised myself to never skip the wrapping part:) .

I did go into the members’ pics forum to see what penises look like, there were a couple darker ones but for the most part pretty good-looking ones:) That is encouraging.

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