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Briefs, Boxers, etc...


Briefs, Boxers, etc...

What is the most beneficial to PE ing?

Boxers, specially after a good PEing session. Try boxers for a month and you will notice a good diference (that if you usually wear briefs :D )

I’ll take this into consideration

Is it really better any explanation why ?

I don’t think so personally. The trunks I wear keep the package snug, but don’t constrict like :homer2: choking :bart:

I hate using long boxers, and I have always used tight bikinis, so I bought myself new sport boxers when I started to PE. It makes sense to use loose underwear to allow your penis to hang freely, plus I had to do it so I can wear my Extender during the day (at the office or at home), there was no way I could use the extender with bikinis. The sport boxers are almost like briefs and I do find them loose enough. I might need the long boxers if I ever grow 2 inches since the extender would go out of the sport boxer at that time.

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

For comfort, boxers. When I know I’m getting some, boxer briefs to show off my bulge

Boxers with reasonably tight trousers help accentuate the bulge. The boxers let it hang free, and the trousers help it show off.

I wear briefs to show off bulge, but I guess boxers are probably better for PE reasons.

I miss this place.

Old stats: not sure but not much smaller

Currently: BPEL: 7.5 EG: 5 Goal: The holy grail of course. (8x6)

Let it swing! I have not worn anything under my trousers for many years. What exactly are underpants for anyway?

I am pretty sure underpants are mostly to keep the shite and urine off your expensive trousers .

Of course these days , with the younger generation , they are also a fashion statement , to have the right boxers sticking out from your baggy trousers falling off your ass seems to be all the rage .

I go with boxers , it allows me to wear my PE weights , or lets me hang a nice flaccid .

Just go commando! I haven’t worn underwear, or own a single pair of underpants since the age of 16!

- Lee Beast

I never have any shit on my arse as I always use the bidet after having a crap. Also after a piss, even in a public toilet, I wipe my dick with a tissue.

You mean to tell me you don’t get the mid-day ass funk?

I am hairy on my ass so I do get the shit trace on my bikinis sometimes. I do not get them on my boxers though. To be honest I like to wear bikinis better, they feel way better for me, but for the sakes of PE I have been wearing boxers the last 2 months every single day!

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

Actually, I do like to wear women’s underwear! ;) Especially those crotchless PVC type thongs with a zipper…I like the way they ride up between my bollocks with the zipper teeth chafing my nutsac till it’s all swollen & bleeding profusively to the point I need immediate medical attention!

You should see the not-so-surprised looks I get from the staff at my local E&A…every weekend!:D

- Lee Beast

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