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Breathing Rates

Breathing Rates

Is there any type of breathing preferable when just jelqing? Like long deep breaths, or more like a workout sort of huff and puff? Is there any way changing up my breathing level could have any effect on PE?

As far as I know your “breathing rate” does not effect PE gains. I think the only thing about “breathing rate(s)” in relation to PE is that some people listen to their “breathing rate” and get a sort of ‘rhythm’ going.

Example: Maybe you notice that by the time you’ve fully exhaled you’re usually at the end of your jelq/etc. You also notice that by the time you’ve fully inhaled again, you’re at the end of another jelq. Put these two together and you know that by the time you’ve fully exhaled and inhaled you’ve done 2 Jelq’s. Of course, 1 jelq. per inhale/exhale was just an example, some people may get more or less in per inhale/exhale.

No dedication + No self-discipline = No Gains. This goes for working out as well. It\'s elementary math kids.

Starting Date: 1-17-05 - EL: 6 in. EG: 5.125 in. ... or 5 2/16 in. ..FL: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in. FG: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in.

14th Check-In Date (much 'rest time' so far): 10-01-06 - EL: 7 1/16 in. EG: 5 9/16 in. ................ FL: 5.00 in. ... or 5 in. FG: 4.75 in. ... or 4 12/16 in....1st Goal: EL: 7 in. EG: 5.75 in ... or 5 12/16 in.

It’s only if I stopped breathing, that I would worry. (:

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