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Breast enlargement cream for penis growth

Breast enlargement cream for penis growth

Hi. Been jelqing for a few months now with reasonable results mainly to girth, would prefer length gains but can’t have everything in life I guess. Wife enjoys the gains and last week after jelqing she really struggled to get my placid cock in her mouth which was great :)

Anyway the acticle below was in the papers today and you can guess the first thought that come into my mind, will it help with penis “plumpness” and if so would be the best £27 ever spent. Anyone used this or similar?…just-weeks.html

Don’t get it on your hands. I would take anything that is printed in the Daily Mail with lorry loads of salt.

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Good point ref the mail. Thanks memento. Anyone else tried any similar products instead of pills?

Pills and creams won’t work.

Imagine there was a cream that worked to enlarge the penis. How would it do this? Well being topical it would have to penetrate the skin. To get to the tissues that really needs enlarging it would be in close proximity to blood and would be absorbed into the bloodstream. Then it’s all around the body, in the same way a pill is.

Yes a topical ibuprofen cream may result in a higher concentration of ibuprofen at the point it’s applied but it will also end up everywhere else. This is fine with ibuprofen (to the extent that ibuprofen is actually fine - it has some serious issues with repeated/excessive use).

Imagine your working penis enlargement cream entering the blood stream and enlarging your heart, your lungs, your feet.

If these things actually did what they claimed to do, they would probably be banned pretty quickly.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

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