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Breaking up routines

Breaking up routines

I have been pe’ing for about 4 solid weeks now and started out with the “Exercising the Penis” book newbie routine and have generally stuck too it mixed with some other basic exercises I have found and liked. I am only 22 and in very good health so I have moved up a little quicker than most while maintaining good general body clues. Now that I am approaching the end of my newbie routine I am at an impass in the length vs. Girth, routine changing, etc.

I am currently at 5 sets of 50 jelqs (usually around 70%) and 5 sets of 30 v-jelqs with 2 sets of 5 point stretches with 45 seconds at each point, 20 JAI stretches at every bathroom break, the starting kegel routine, and recently started edging.

I want to improve 2 basic things. I think through sex and masturbation, I have always kind of instinctively kegel’d and notice that when I don’t kegel every 30 seconds or so and hold it for a few seconds my natural erections without these kegels are around 80% and my length is about 7” nbp at 100% and about 6.25-6.5” during my “almost there” erections. I also want to go from 4.6” girth to atleast 5.5”

I just started getting in the routine of kegels and not masturbating daily and that seems to help with the erections slowly but surely. As for my routine, can I break it up into say girth days when I can jelq and either clamp and do uli’s then the next day do a length day with jelqing and stretching or do I say need to just stick too one goal for a few months then switch it up?

I have already seen about .25” in my length and my girth seems fuller, but only when I am at 100%. I am a believer now so I’m looking foward too the next 11 months atleast.

Welcome cokecanred.

You are PEing for only 4 weeks. You are doing too much, and you are planning to do even more. The newbie routine is a wiser approach. You could try that for at least three months and tell us how it goes.

Good luck!

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