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Brand spankin new

Brand spankin new

What’s happening lads. 21 year old here looking for some extra girth & length, would be happy with 7” x 5.5 so here’s hoping. Been reading up on the jelq technique for a while now & decided to start putting my knowledge of it to use just yesterday. Done a warmup followed by 100 (light) strokes & everything was fine! Repeated the same today with a little bit more pressure but still nothing too rough just yet. Anyway’s I’ve noticed over the last hour or so some bruising appearing, just some purple specks under the shaft with 2 bigger ones roughly 3 mils in diameter. I’m just wondering is that normal or have I already done damage!? Lol

Any help appreciated guys :)

Without seeing it, and without being a doctor I wouldn’t know if you damaged it, but sounds like you just over worked a little. Search the newbie routine, and PI’s, that will give you a ton of information to help you decide if you are over doing it. I would link directly to them, but I’m a lazy bastard. Anyone else want to throw up the links please feel free.

Yeah I don’t think it’s a complete disaster just yet! There’s no pain or anything. I would put pics up but someone seems to have misplaced my camera :(

Hey Jg2k9 welcome, it sounds like you used a little too much pressure when you where jelqing, the same thing happened to me when I first started.

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Thanks man, I’ll ease up!


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