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Brand new and trying to figure out what to expect.

Brand new and trying to figure out what to expect.

Hello! This is my first post. I’ve just started JP’s 90 Day Routine and am on day three. I just have a couple of questions about what to expect. I know that it’s been said that if you feel pain to stop immediately to rest and heal, but what about soreness? I’d imagine that the shaft and tendons SHOULD be sore the day after, right? Just like when you work out any other muscle?

Also, when stretching and Jelqing what is the best way to avoid erection? I can’t hardly get anything done because I keep getting aroused and am spending most of my time waiting for my erection to die down. This has got me worried that I’m going to lose my “stretch” and have to warm up and stretch all over again before continuing with the exercises.

Soreness is fine and to be expected. Pain, however, is to be avoided.

It takes a few weeks for your penis to adapt to maintaining a consistent engorgement (semi-erection) for jelqing or for stretching (very little engorgement in that case). Some people get too hard and have to wait. I got too soft and had to work it back up. Stretching was fine, but jelqing took an hour. Stick with it. Your penis will adjust.

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