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Hello everybody, I have got an idea

Before I will begin this story, excuse my English’s.

What about this:
In this forum there is lots and lots of information about penis enlargement/supplements to take for penis health etc etc etc.

There are lots of company’s who take advantage of us by charging stupidly high price’s for for example special supplements for your dick.
But also for hangers and pump device’s. A lot of them don’t even have the quality/effect that those guys say they do and they are to expensive. They also claim to have something like an guarantee. I haven’t got any personal experience with that, but in real live I don’t think they’ll refund you’re money if it’s crap. Most guys won’t take any further (legal) action about it, because it’s an pretty private issue when you buy a pump to enlarge.

What if we unite our powers in some way, there is so much knowledge and expertise on this site. It is already used in a very very positive way, but is has more potential. My objective is NOT TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT. The goal should be to stay out of costs and to donate to this site. This site has like 30000 members?
I am convinced we don’t have to pay those high price’s anymore. We could start an non-profit business and that way we can buy our for example much cheaper, because we buy in a large scale. That company and it’s representative’s could represent all our interests. There a lot’s of possibility’s, to much to write in this message.
We could create a membership of the company, than you’re a sort of shareholder. With the membershipfee’s we could buy our goods and donate each month a percentage of the membership fee’s to thundersplace.
Maybe thundersplace can even participate in this idea/plan!

This is only a nun detailed global plan. I can’t pull of something like this of on my own, that’s why I need you’re reaction/idea’s/whatever constructive you’ve got to say about it!

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

A sort of co-operative purchasing and distribution system sounds like a good idea but would be an awful lot of work for somebody. Why would they do it? I think just running this place as it is, is probably enough work for those that do it.

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