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Hi, i’ve been a member for a while, but more of a lurker, trying to pick up info from the pro’s ;)
I was thinking last night, is there a device that exists sort of like braces for teeth? That you can wear for long times at a stretch and keep clicking it up mm or half mm every week or so? Or is there already a device like that? Sorry if this is a waste of time for you guys.

Just on a caffeine thinkathon…


Are you talking about that invisiline stuff? That is where the braces are put on the back of the teeth I believe.

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sorry, i meant for the penis dude, didn’t make myself clear

are you on here 24/7, crazy response time?


I think the Penimaster is about the closest thing to what you are looking for. It comes with different length rods whose lengths can be further adjusted by simply turning the screw threads at the bottom of the rods. When you have finally maxed their stretching capacity —you are then ready to change rods or/add rod extensions and continue the whole cycle all over again.

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Another do it yourself can be found here: ChickenChoker Special.

For a good series of pics check out MDC’s posts starting here.

thanks heaps for your time


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