BPFSL Went up, EL gains coming?

Long time lurker, first post!

I recently started hanging with the LG vac hanger about 2-3 weeks ago. The first two weeks were somewhat sporadic as I had just moved and was staying in a hotel for a while.

The last week or so the hang time went up a lot. In the last week I have hung 15 hours. I am one of those lucky guys that get to work from a lot of the time and I also live alone.

I am hanging 7.5lbs SD and 5 BTC. I stay in for a few hours but I progressively lower the weight.

The reason for my post is that I use the Bathmate for about 10 minutes after hanging just to get blood into the unit.

Before I was only able to reach 6.69” (170mm) in the bathmate, but the last two days I easily made 7.09” (180mm)

Will this increase turn to increase in EL or is it to soon to already be see lig/tunica gains?