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Bpfsl to Bpel

Your pic is awaiting approval I guess. I appreciate you taking the time to chat Black hat. Most guys will just respond then exit the thread.

What exersises should I be doing then

I’m sure you’ve heard it a dozen times already, but the newbie routine truly is golden if you’re just starting out.

I would make the suggestion, if you’re already doing the routine and your unit isn’t feeling fatigued, it probably wouldn’t hurt to slowly step up the amount of PE you’re doing. I usually do that a little bit at a time, until my PI’s dip slightly, then I back it off a tiny bit. The idea is to skate that line without crossing it.

I only bring that up because you mentioned your ability to get hard hasn’t changed since pre-PE. Which could indicate (along with other PI’s) that you’re not pushing hard enough. But PLEASE don’t make big increases in your workout. Small steps work far better. Also, make sure your PI’s are all good (check the link in my sig if you aren’t familiar with PI’s).

* I’m not sure the attachment will get approved due to this being the Newbie Forum. Not sure on those rules. *

I heard upward stretches were best, but I get such a better stretch with downward stretches.

If I stretch upwards I can’t keep my hand from rolling over the glans, so I’ve mainly been stretching downwards

I know the PI’s like the back of my hand man, ha.

The only positive one is increased flaccid hang throughout the day.

No negative PI’s though.

Then, as long as your unit isn’t too fatigued with your current workout, I’d start stepping up the routine a little bit.

Sometimes throughout the day I get a little stingy feeling, not sure if that’s considered fatigue or actual pain.

Is it sustained? Or like a pang (brief)? How often does it happen?

I used to get those too about a couple times a week. A lot of the other guys have too. From what I can gather it’s fairly normal as long as it’s not happening too often or being anything more than a quick stab of “discomfort” as I call it :)

Very sudden. It only lasts a second.

I do:

5 min warm up (rice sock)
5 min stretching ( each direction 4-5 times 3 sets)
120 3 second jelqs
5 min warm down (shower)

How much should I up the routine?

Maybe make each of your directional stretches longer by another couple seconds.

Everyone is different. Personally, I can usually only do 100 jelqs. Some guys can whip out 4-500. I would say it really depends on what you’re after, length or girth. Personally, the stretches always treated me well (great gain for my first 4-6 months on manual stretches).

I wanna gain both, but who doesn’t.

Even at 120 jelqs my unit doesn’t seem fatigued post session.

It hangs fatter and lower for about 3-4 minutes into my warm down then returns to normal.

Maybe add a couple of seconds on each of your stretches and another 20-30 jelqs and see how your unit responds.

Will try, thanks again for your time, Blackhat. It’s much appreciated.

no prob! Good luck with the PE and remember to stick with it! That’s what’s gonna make you gain more than anything else :)

I just hope it’s real and not just a bunch of spiteful guys, trying to make everyone else suffer, hahaha. Take it easy.


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