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BPFSL longer than BPEL??

BPFSL longer than BPEL??

I measured earlier today and it seems that my BPFSL is longer than my BPEL. Is that common or is it just me? It is a difference of maybe 0.5 cm, but it´s still strange.

I have the same situation, and find it quite natural. When you stretch out the flaccid you basically get out all that gets out when erected. But when flaccid, it is thinner and hence will reach longer.

Heja Sverige :-)


I’m the oppposite my bpel exceeds my bpfsl by over an inch!

me too Necro

Tootin and Necro have you been into PE for a long time? Because it might be so that when you excercise your penis, you train it to use its full capacity and then will the bpel exceed the bpfsl.

It’s very common, from what I’ve read here, for flaccid length to be longer than BPEL. My flaccid varies form 0 to 1/4 inch longer. If I’m engorged then they tend to be the same. If I’m really flaccid, it tends to be longer.

I been at it for about 4 months or so.

My BPFSL is about 1/2” longer than my BPEL. I’ve been hanging for the last month or so, and never noticed this before (actually, never measured BFPSL until recently).

Some people on this site have said that growth in BPFSL is a leading indicator of growth in BPEL—especially for hangers. So, I’m hoping :) .

My BPFSL has always been shorter than my BPEL.
There was a thread about this a while ago and the consensus was that this was due to the size of the glans when erect compared to when flaccid.
Generally, BPFSL is longer than BPEL.

Necro and tootin, you guys are amongst a group of select few who’s BPFSL is shorter than their BPEL

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