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BPELLosing an inch

BPELLosing an inch

I have a few different things here. I just had a quick question about this that probably doesnt have a definate answer.

First off, in all these statistics about the average of the errect penis length are they measuring from a bpel result or nbpel? I was thinking that in most cases it would be BPEL due to these reasons

People wanting to have that extra part added


That people have thicker fat pads then others so taking BPEL would be the most fair.

Also about BPEL, is this wat a women would feel during intercouse, I would think so. I have not yet had full penetrative sex so I am unsure, I just wondered & it’s not a big deal but in some cases the NBPEL to BPEL is a big deal.

Lastly, I think I have posted this before but I am upset as to the way my dick seems to lose an inch, shape & strength when I am on my back in my bed. I have had a quick measure in the mornings on my back & I have just over 5 inches & not taken full shape. Wheras when I measure sitting or standing I have my normal/preferred size. I just feel this may make missionary a problem for me, I think I read it’s to do with your back not having a firm surface or something. Anyways else experience this?

depending how thick your fat pad is if you are really going at it during intercourse and insterting as far as you can you are definitely getting more than your NBP length inside. not sure if it would be the full BPEL length you are getting in but probably closer to that than not.

Not sure about generic polls but I would say most would get some of both. Before I ever found PE I measured non bone pressed.

As far as losing length on your back I have no experience with that but will check it out now that I am curious.

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