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Why is BPEL the best way to measure length? How did Bone Pressed become the standard since you are actually presing down into the the body to the bone to get your measurement? It seems like that it wouldn’t matter because you are pressing down into part of the penis that is hidden right behind the base.

2/7/06 BPEL: 7.6", EG: N/A

One Year Goal: BPEL: 8" EG:

With bone-pressed (BP) the position of the bone is constant relative to your penis. Because of the constant relative position, accurate measurements of true enlargement are much more easily acheived.

Non-BP means that measurements will vary with the fat pad and/or the pressure with which the ruler is held to the fat pad. Accurate measurements of true enlargement are difficult to obtain.

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Originally Posted by jroger21

… It seems like that it wouldn’t matter because you are pressing down into part of the penis that is hidden right behind the base.

That is an incorrect technique you are describing. You should press the ruler into the pubic bone, which is a bit above the shaft’s insertion point.

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

I turn the ruler on it’s edge so that it is not flat against the penis. This way it catches the pubic bone the same every time.

because if you become fatter/thinner you cant tell with accuracy if you are gaining if you dont do a BP measurement

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Total PE Time: 5 Months || Started: BPEL 13.5cm

Well regular erect length is what some say actually matters though I concur but regular erect length varies from the fat pad and how erect you are. Bone pressed erect length more or less just tells you what you have actually gained but regular erect length would be what you actually are.

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