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Bpel or nbpel

Bpel or nbpel

Hi guys!

I am new to PE so I have a question about the measurement!

I used to care about only about bpel but I recently read that it’s not the appropriate kind of measurement because bpel does not represent the functional size of the penis!so we have to know and measure only the nbpel!what do you think?what does represent the thruth size?

(I am not from usa so excuse my mistakes!)

Pit-bull, it’s not so much about the “functional length” or the “true measurement” as it is about precision. You’re more likely to get a more consistently accurate measurement for comparison purposes if you use bone-pressed measurements. Non-bone-pressed can vary too much, sometimes because of something as simple as hydration. As important as anything is to use the same method every time.

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Just like clgp7 said for the most accurate measurement use BPEL. As far as functional length goes the is somewhat of a debate on Thunders but my personal opinion is that during sex you can push so that your functional length is somewhere between NBPEL and BPEL.

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