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BPEL cathing up with BPFSL gains

BPEL cathing up with BPFSL gains

Hi guys,

I have read a lot of times that with length work BPFSL gains come first, whereafter BPEL follows.

I have been wearing an extender for around 220 hours now, and a month ago my BPFSL had grown by 0,9cm approximately (varies from time to time). But no EL gains so far.

So if you’re one of the guys who gained BPFSL before BPEL, what’s your experience in time delay? How long did it take you for your BPEL to follow the BPFSL increase?

Anyone with some insight on the time delay between BPFSL and BPEL?

Also, are there guys who have gained in BPFSL but the BPEL just never came?

It is about impossible to say how much time is the delay, because the gap isn’t filled from one day to another. Also, there could be some BPFSL gains that doesn’t translate in to BPEL because it is just enhanced tolerance to the stretch - how much? Again, impossible to say, it can vary from a guy to another. But the point remain, if you have noticeably gains in FSL, before or after your BPEL will increase of pretty much the same amount. It can’t be otherwise : why the added lenght would not go erect?

In your specific case, 220 hours are short time; people who wears extenders typically start seeing erect gains at around the 500 hours mark - this is just anecdotal, based in what I’ve read. So, you are gaining, go ahead and have faith. PE force be with you!!

Thanks marinera, I will continue with extender for sure.
It’s just that I thought by now with 4,5 months of newbie and 2,5 months of extending would have more results than just a increase in BPFSL. But I’m not giving up just yet, what you say is true: a gain is a gain.

I was just wondering if there are guys here that have only seen an increase in BPFSL, but the BPEL gains just never came??

Just think it to the extreme:
Gaining from 6 inch bpfsl to 12 inch bpfsl. Your EL will certainly be bigger.
So dont think about not getting bpel gains. makes no sense.

Its a gradual process.

Check out kegels and reverse kegels(while being erect). These help train the body to fill the space created.
Also a short break of 2-4 days helps sometimes wonders(especially when you have low EQ)

dickerschwanz, I hope you’re right.

I was already thinking about taking a couple of days off. Mainly because I have noticed my EQ being pretty low the last two weeks or so. I am guessing because I went from dry to wet jelqs and ramped up the amount of strokes maybe a little bit too much.
Reverse kegels I have never done, and will look in to them. Thanks mate!

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