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Help me out here,

This may have been discussed before (did a search and saw nothing directly speaking about it) but why measure bone-pressed? I’m a newbie so maybe I’m missing something.

It seems that either a BP measurement is A) a consistent measuring spot thereby eliminating variables that can mess with consistent measurements or B) A way to make yourself seem bigger than you actually are (because, let’s face it, the part of your pecker that is behind your fat pad is useless).

Maybe I’m totally off on this. Again, I’m just a newbie and I’m curious as to why people measure BP. Thanks for the help.

Well you sort of answered your own question, it eliminates the variables to give a better estimate on how much length members gain.
Of course the second part isn’t totally untrue either ;) and its not useless just for being under the fat pad, what if people go hey I could gain .5” just by losing some fat pad :D

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good luck on your gains.

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It’s option A. Because your fat pad can fluctuate depending on your general health (Diet, sickness, stress) bone-pressed is a way to keep measurements consistent.

For example, let’s say you lose a quarter inch of your fat pad. If you measure NBP, you’ll think you’ve gained a quarter inch from exercises when really you’ve just lost some weight. By measuring BP you can tell what exercises are working and will know when to modify your routine.

That’s helpful, thanks!

I think I’m pretty good about keeping it consistent and I don’t have much (if anything) in my fat pad.

I measure once every other month and I do it over a week and average out the measurements and make those my gains.

Too much?

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