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boxers or briefs


When I was young, I always slept in my briefs. Now I wonder if that had any effect on my (not) growing penis?

Damn, I was just getting worried about doing the excercises, now I’m starting to worry about what underpants to wear.


Maybe wearing briefs would keep the old fella warmer, promoting blood-flow or something. I still tend to prefer the freedom of boxers, maybe when I get a bigger pecker it’ll need a little more “restraining”.

heres hoping.

I’ve found not wearing underwear at all makes the tiny bit I do have just a little bigger. I actually achieve a bit of hangage sometimes. Maybe the stimulation of denim on my goodies or something like that. Maybe it’s remembering why I quit in the first place - favorite ex girlfriend really liked being able to unzip a guy and… uh, proceed without interference, as it were.

I’ll worry about whether or not I need restrained if I ever have something to restrain.

I have noticed a difference in the way my bulge looks depending on which one I wear.

LOL I knew that site would make me laugh.

I started as a kid with briefs, didn’t like them so got boxer-briefs. For whatever reason switched to the thin-material kind of loose boxers and am now back to the briefs.

For me it’s all about temperature, the UK is cold, especially where I am now and I’m on the lookout for warm underwear to give me a good flaccid hang. When I’m earning some money I’m going to try something from the 2xist range (something plain, some of there stuff is so poser-ish) as they look warm.

Currently got M&S boxer briefs and they’re nice but winter is coming! :)

I simply go cammando. I love to be free. My wife warns that there are crotch watchers though. She’s concerned that you can see my glans in some of th pants I wear.

*shudders* don’t know how you could go commando without being uncircumcised, but thats perspective for ya. I like my glans nice and sensitive.


The reason you stay engorged after a workout and you wear briefs I believe is that the penis remains warm, and thus fills with blood.

I myself like to go commando too, but it depends on the situation. I can’t go to my girlfriend’s house and begin kissing and touching and then say hi to her folks with a mast in my pants, now can I..

Grow Grow Grow

For those that like the racier stuff, try California Muscle, they have lots of underwear that give a bigger bulge.

Originally Posted by sheneedsmore
I’m not new to PE but I was wondering if wearing briefs instead of boxers had any effect on PE growth. I wear briefs myself. I have been doing the PE thing for 9 months now and was wondering if maybe “holding things in check” might hinder future growth. any thoughts?

Basic logic alone tells you that boxers are more ideal for size. Allows for things to hang as long as they want. I love my boxers. :)

I have heard of some PEers claim more size from wearing briefs though, so who knows. Guess it’s mostly a matter of trail and error…try both and find which one works best.

I prefer briefs as they are warmer and keep things in places :P


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