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Bothersome head

Bothersome head

The head of my penis and upper portion of my shaft are less thick than the rest of my penis (think reverse baseball bat) and I feel like it may be effecting my ability to jelq properly. Keeping a consistent pressure throughout is difficult because it feels as though the blood never gets trapped at the top instead the smaller head can’t contain the pressure and forces it back past my hand and I’m left squeezing an almost bloodless upper shaft and head. Can any one relate to what I’m saying and or offer a solution. I would really like to make my penis more proportional and appealing because right now the head never really becomes fully engorged and it’s jus not as nice as it could be

Try kegeling in blood to 70% or so erection then dry jelqing from base up to just below the thinner area. You should be able to create some expansion in that area; hold the blood in there and do several fairly gentle, slow, squeezes to briefly increase the pressure a bit, and keep repeating the kegel, half jelq and squeezes to target the upper part of the shaft.

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