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Born with deformed penis


Originally Posted by flare2flare
I was born with a somewhat deformed penis and I had a surgery to fix it’s posture. I equally was not able to piss standing up so the doctors fixed that. They even got it circumsized. Anyways, It’s been 7 years since the surgery.

I am not happy with my penis obviously, I don’t want to complain but I feel like being born with a screwed up penis has definatly had impact on it’s growth. Even my stats are very very weird.
I have a 3.5 inch in length and 5 inch in girth! ( Pretty weird , I know )

So far much of the PEing I’ve done in the last couple of months seemed to help my girth but I’m not making any progress on my length. My penis being naturally cured down makes me realise that my tunica is actually pretty weak. It’s like It doesn’t have enough package to be able to let my overall size get bigger.
And yes I’ve tried working on the tunica but so far I’ve been only doubling my excess skin :(

ANyways, I guess I just felt like ranting and letting everyone know that if your depressed about your 5.5 average size, just think about meh :P
I’d appreciate any words of wisdom if they’d want to share.

Sorry for this depressing post, this just sad :(

Dude that just sucks

What did the doctors says about any possible surgery to lengthen it?

Would you consider that?



This thread is over two years old; I don’t think you’ll get an answer.

I was born with Hypospadias although I don’t think it was severe. However I did have to go through a series of three rather unpleasant operations when I was young in order to improve matters and I remember not being able to pee for about a fortnight after each one because of the plastic tube that was stuck in my cock. Whether it did me much good is highly debatable though. I’ve never had a particularly good aim at the best of times. Nowadays I don’t think surgery would be attempted, at least for a fairly mild case, and I suspect I’d probably have escaped it if I’d been born in the Seventies rather than the Sixties.

I’m interested to hear from anyone else who’s got or had Hypospadias, whether they’ve had their tail (as the nurses used to call mine) operated on or not.

I was born with hypospadias as well. My case is mild enough to have not been operated on, the urethra ends just a little under where it normally would be. Instead of pointing straight out at the tip of the glans, the hole is more on the under side of the glans. I don’t usually have much problem aiming and have only had one girl even comment on it, although at the time I didn’t really even know there was anything wrong.

Someone had mentioned that their penis bends down, which mine does as well. It’s not much of a curve, probably equivalent to the average upwards curve which seems to be more common. It’s very nice for doggy style, in the same way that an upwards curve is nice for missionary position.

I do have a smaller-than-average penis, however, which is consistant with the symptoms of hypospadias.

Does anyone know if having hypospadias would be a good thing or a bad thing for PE? Would this encourage gains, or the opposite? Also, do you think it’s possible that PE would be able to correct the downward curve?

Start (08/15/2007): BPEL = 6, 1/8" EG = 4, 3/8"

Goal: EL = 7" EG = 5"

I posted a thread about 6 days ago where I discussed how I felt forsaken by my small penis. How unwise I feel now.

BPEL-5.75 EG-4.35

Goal - 7x5

Pushin 6 inches. I think it's working.

Hey disciple2288, I saw your thread! I can’t believe I missed this one two years ago, I should have at least said “Hi!”

Did you take a look at:Small penis thread link list ?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I was born with hypospadias and, as was the fashion in those days, had corrective surgery (involving 3 operations) although I’m of the view that much good it did me. Moreover I’m smaller than average and I thought that was probably connected either to the condition or the operations. I’m therefore a bit surprised by hypo9’s comments.


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