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Booze and gains

Booze and gains

Does alcohol effect gains? A heavy drinker as opposed to a no or very light drinker? I don’t have an alcohol problem that I know of but I work in a bar so drinking definitely happens often.

I’d think it might affect gains since heavy drinking leads to less sleep and less nocturnal erections.

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For general health it is better to drink no or little alcohol, since PE is a health thing I advice you to cut down alcohol.

My flaccid was pretty heavy before I started partying last weekend (not only alcohol though). It’s all gone now. I’m definitely quitting this fuckin around and getting to business!

Well, “little alcohol” is certainly better than no alcohol for health. There are many studies indicating this.

We’ve talked about this before here and a lot of people think that getting fucked up and generally being unhealthy may be a good thing for gains because your penis can’t repair itself (and you don’t want it to repair back to its usual state). Then someone brought up how Bib mentioned that he had his best gains when he was losing weight—and this is relevant because when you are losing weight your body can’t repair itself very well. And it’s “affect” with an “a” in that sense.

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I don’t think that mild to moderate drinking will hinder your gains. Now, if you have a chronic drinking problem then that can affect your circulation which could in turn hurt your erections and potentially your abiity to grow. Keep it in moderation and you should be fine.

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Don’t count on a lot of alcohol helping you out with anything physical or emotional. Count on it hurting you. That’s a sure bet.

Funny everyone has the same view but dmitri.anyone else see that as having any truth to it?

I don’t even really agree with “my view.” I was just putting that out there because someone asks this question like every month. It’s not like anyone else has any real venerable authority in answering this question—people just pontificate and say what seems logical, so I wanted to throw out a counter-point for balance. I actually think if you were to do a study with alcohol consuming PEers and non-, so long as the former group weren’t raging alcoholics, there would be no noticeable difference in gains, which may be why this question hasn’t been resolved after 6 years of this forum.

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I’m pretty new around here.I guess I should have done a search first.

Well… Alcohol definately dehydrates you. No water in the body.. No cell volumization

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