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It’s worth bearing in mind what you are measuring when you measure it, to prevent disappointment later on.

If you measure within a couple of days of a routine you are measuring in the least stable way and most likely to provide initial eupohoria followed by long term dissappointment. It’s the equivalent of measuring a high tide and assuming that is the average height of the water.

Penis enlargement is about energy. The penile tissue will always settle in the lowest energy state possible.

Think about drops of liquid. The drops will be spherical where possible unless they are acted on by another force, because they are forced into the lowest energy shape. Water is quick to change shape, so rain drops will quickly be effected by forces acting on them, lengthening as they cut through the air, flattening when they hit a surface.

The penis takes a lot longer to react than water, so when you measure after a session you are measuring something that is not yet back to it’s lowest energy state.

Gains measured after a two day break are still not permanent, they will consist partly of remnant elastic deformation and partly permanent plastic deformation. Plastic deformation is changing the memory of penis shape, making the lowest energy shape longer and/or fatter.

Permanent gains are when the new size is firmly entrenched in the memory of the tissues, where the lowest energy state is firmly larger. Getting to this state can be acheived in a couple of ways

1/ Continuing enlargement beyond the target to allow for shrinkage back to the desired length
2/ Continuing with a lower intensity cementing routine

Or that could all be crap :)

Thanks for the tip. Will remember that for when I do my first measurement after starting PE, prolly at the 2 week mark. How long of a break do you think one should take from PE’ing before measuring? 2-3 days?

Thanks again.

Started 14-Feb-05 BPFL = 4" BPEL = 6.5" EG = 4 1/2"

If you do a 5/2 routine, measure at the end of you break. If you only take a single rest day, irrespective of on days, it’s probably worth taking an extra day when you are doing an official measurement.

Erect size will vary if you do something silly like warm wrap, take a bath before you measure or measure when you’ve just woken.

Flaccid size will vary wildy based on temperature. last time your were erect, who much you play with it etc, and sometimes taking 3 or 4 measurements during a day and calculating a mean or logging a maximum and minimum is a good idea.

I see. I do a 5/2 routine, so I’ll measure before I begin my routine on Mondays.


Started 14-Feb-05 BPFL = 4" BPEL = 6.5" EG = 4 1/2"


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