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Bodybuilding with tattoos.lot.

Bodybuilding with tattoos.lot.

HI this is my first post and time here but have been peing for 2-3 months with gains but was measuring wrong(which ill start doing right)It’s funny I was looking for PE sites and bodybuilding sites but came across thunders who has both.Very pleased I found thunders and would just like to say what a excellent site it is.Anyway iv been wanting to start bodybuilding to look buff but iv got heavy tattoo coverage and was wondering will it look shit being buffed up with tats or not,I just want your opinions on it.If you think it will look shit then ill just get toned.Another question(please don’t through your computer out the window because of another lot question)but I just want it in simple terms if iv got a high angled erection what do I stretch.I seem to feel a good stretch when stretching down?Thanks guys and thanks thunder once again.

Hee. Rocco fan? I also admire his work.


High angled erections have nothing to do with which way to stretch, BTW. Keep stretching down if it feels productive.

Ya I’m a big rocco fan.Will stretching down be OK then.

I would guess so for now, if you haven’t already check out the “most important newbie threads” at the top.

Good Luck to you,


For the average person, tatoos and muscularity shouldn’t be much of a problem, it could depend on what sort of tatoos too. In professional bodybuilding tatoos take away from the all important symmetrical form, there is one successful bodybuilder with tatoos that I know of, but he is mostly successful in the natural bodybuilding competitions and only just turned pro? I am not sure if he has. Do some googles for him Stan McQuay, here is a link to some pics…at.asp?icat=176 , half japanese, he also has a site The tatoos aren’t overly abundant, I believe most were from when he used to be in a gang as a teen, not sure.

Oh yea my avator has tatoos too, he is from that movie, Ong Bak.

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Cheers guys.Siamguy he’s built like a brick shit house,He’s huge!He’s really good looking to.Allot of the bodybuilders are buff but ugly but he’s got the full package(I’m not gay,lol).Is ong bak good as iv been getting into Asian movies recently= battle royal/takeshie the killer which I know iv spelt wrong and others can you recommend any if your into Asian cinema that is.

Roccos, why you don’t you use the space bar? I really don’t understand. Is it in fashion these days? It’s really hard to read what you write.

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Yeah, gmr, put a space between sentences. please read the Forum Guidelines, and use “I’ve” instead of “iv,” etc. It’s like a requirement here to post in good English and not chat room speak. Thanks!

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