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Body size effect penis size

Body size effect penis size

Hi there I was wondering just how much if at all dose body size

Effect the size of your penis.

Do heavyer guys have thicker ones?

Do thin guys have thiner ones?

Out of the 10 people I play sunday football with this seems to be true.

Stocky guys have thicker ones and the tall ones are thiner

I’m skinny and not that tall about 5.7-8 and I have a 5.3 erect girth which with my small build look quite fat.

So I don’t think it applies everywhere

Hey Grock… i don’t think weight or height has anything to do with penis size. I’m about 6’ and my girth is 4.5… my best mate he’s about 5.9’ and his girth is, i would guess 5.5 plus. We chat about stuff like that. I’m not sure if there is anyway of guessing penis size on a person. I always thought it was size of hands?

Penis thickness and length do not vary with the change in muscle or fat mass of the body. So, the idea that thicker men have thicker penis is not appropriate.

Statistically, there is a strong correlation between height and length of penis; length and girth. So, indirectly there is also a weaker correlation between height and girth of penis.

The survey result and analysis: Height vs. Length vs. Girth Project

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