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Body piercing for hangers...

Body piercing for hangers...

I searched for a thread on this but didn’t have any luck. I built myself a Cap’n’s Wench, which works pretty well, but I was thinking about getting a piercing and using that to do some hanging. Do any of the members have experience with the Mister Lifto school of PE? I’d like to know which piercing is best and hear any advice on positioning.



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I wouldn’t recomment any type of piercing to hang from. It would get very irritated and would never heal, even if it was a deep piercing.

Mr. lifto uses duct tape to lift and swing stuff around.

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Why would you pierce you dick in the first place? Just curious.

Besides the trauma can hinder your growth potential.

Penile piercings are generally done in two places: the skin (of the shaft or scrotum) or the glans (head). Hanging weights from either will not put stress on the structures that need it in order to grow. Obviously, pulling the skin will only pull skin. It won’t affect the ligs or inner penile structures (tunica). Pulling the glans also won’t pull on the inner structure in a way that’s beneficial. The glans has no direct connection to the corpora cavernosa and you’d end up tearing through the soft tissue of the glans and cause a bloody mess because it isn’t strong enough to resist much weight.

What he said. You cannot hang from a piercing without a phone and a bucket nearby.

That’s what I needed to know! I never did like needles…


5.5" BPEL and 4.25" EG - August, 2004 6.0" BPEL and 5.0" EG - October, 2005 \Pe"nis\ (p[=e]"n[I^]s), n. [L.] (Anat.) - Along with the soul, one of only two things a man keeps after a divorce.

I have had a Prince Albert (PA) piercing for about 8 years or so, and been doing PE for the past 2 years. While I would never hang anything significant from my PA ring, it has not hindered my PE activities and I have had pretty good results in gaining in length (about 1.5 inches) even though I not not very consistent with my routines. Furthermore, I cannot imagine that many piercings would cause trauma that would interfere with gains.

I can hang with the ring in place, and only remove it when I use my PowerJelq device, because it gets in the way. As soon as I am done, the ring goes right back in. Easy.

Attaching any significant weight to a piercing could cause a great deal of injury, and that part is true.


Oh man. The thought of hanging something from a penis piercing makes my butthole pucker. %-\

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