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Body exhausted

Body exhausted

Hey guys.

I would just like to know if my whole body is supposed to feel total exhausted after P.E. Or am I over working my self.


What exactly are you doing!?

I don’t think you should feel like that, especially if you’ve just started…

Ones chi energy can become disrupted by PE, and meditation and a clean diet can really help.

In fact good physical and spiritual practice is good for all aspects of your life.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, especially as you are just starting PE and ate in a rush to get bigger.

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Hey guys.

I started about a year ago with the newbie routine. It was in actual fact to much for my little man. Ended up with ulcers.

Iv been on and off with no hard and fast routine. Because I was lazy. I even got a pump tried that for a month gained nothing again then stopped.

This is my 5 day on 2day of f schedule.

Morning, 5min warm up
5min manual stretching
5min 2.5kg hang
5min stretching
5min hanging.
(Honestly sometimes its more a case of low erection jelqing then
Stretching ).

Evening ill do the same with maybe one more hanging or stretching session and about 15-20min pumping and then add a rubber cock ring on a semi. For as long as I can.

If I have time in the afternoon ill do some stretching for 15min.

I was a 5.9 now I’m at 6.3inch in about a month. And from 4.6 to 4.7inch

The gains are at a good pays I think but… . Especially after my last session
I feel like I ran a sex marathon.

I personally think you may be trying too many methods all at once. I don’t think you need to mix hanging, manual stretching, and pumping all together. I think you may benefit more from sticking to one at a time.

It’s you body though and you know how it works so maybe your doing what right.

Good luck with it!

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Hi WH,

I am sorry to hear about some of the adverse experience that you have met in PE. It is the first time I have heard of some one reacting as you have but other folk will chime if they have heard of anything similar. However what happens today when you employ the newbie routine?

In my humble opinion I do not think that your routine looks excessive and I am rather surprised that it is leaving you rather drained. However if some routine or action you have employed is bringing you adverse reaction then I would rather tone it down a little until I establish a sweat spot.

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