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Blue welt on underside of my penis

Blue welt on underside of my penis

It’s not thrombosis (which I read about in other threads), since it’s not a squiggly guitar string shape. It’s sort of a rectangular shaped bruise that feels like a bump. It’s dark blue. I thought giving a day extra of rest was enough, but it’s just getting worse.

Anyone know what might have caused this? I do stretching and jelq squeezes. Which is the most likely cause? Should I rest until it’s entirely gone, or what? I don’t want to rest for too long. Thanks a lot.

The most difficult thing is giving up a routine for resting- I know this all too well. Is the blue thing a hard bump? Thrombosis means there is a clot/hardening within the vein, so you are going to look for any hardness or bump within the veins and not necessarily a ‘guitar string’.

It may just be a bruise. Give it rest.

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This is a result of excessive stretching activity, you have ruptured vascular regions near the surface and bruising is the result. What ever you are using to stretch the physiology, you have exceeded the limits and injury is the result.

Rest. Do not do any PE until it is completely healed.

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