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Blue balls from edging


Blue balls from edging

I decided to take up edging seriously since I’m no stamina man(which I interpret as the “version” where you don’t cum after edging) and after pissing (edged about an hour ago for 20 minutes) my dick and balls literally were just sore for like 5 minutes, extremely painful.will this continue to happen every time I edge or can I expect this to be something that is slowly diminished? Or should I just finish after my edging because I’m not the type who can comfortably edge and not cum? Because it was fucking awful ;;


I just wanted to add that I just pissed again (I drank a lot of water recently) and it hurt really bad again, not like while pissing like kidney stones or something but this kind of lasting almost burning feeling in my urethra.I can only guess this has to do with not cumming but coming close and then my penis is ready to jizz but instead I’m pissing and it hurts? Any thoughts?

I think if you just cum you’ll be okay.

Isn’t edging more effective if you only come a few times a week though? I’d rather just deal with it if it’s going to work out faster.I don’t last long. At all >_>

If your balls ache, cum.

I always thought blue balls were a myth. But I experienced it not to long ago and it really was a horrible feeling. Even cumming after it didn’t help.

You need to take precautionary measures to not allow it to happen. I think so long as you just edge the once in a day and keeping it under an hour then that should be okay. I’d probably advise cumming at the end of the session. Everyone is different but if you keep edging and don’t bust your nut, the more chance over time you will keep having blue balls.

Yeah I hate when that happens. I can get a real ball ache if I edge for a few hours. Blowing a few more loads often does the trick.

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I still don’t understand blue ball!! I have edged for at least 45mins a day 7 days a week and not ejaculate for 30 days, and have never experienced this. Are some people immune to it or something?

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You should probably ejaculate at least every 3 days or so, depending on how often you edge. Withholding ejaculation is bad for your prostate and the edging only makes it worse.

I probably have a worse case of PE than you and not ejaculating at the end of the session helps a lot. My routine is try to edge every day for 30-60 minutes if my EQ is high and I have time, and I ejaculate every third session. Try it out, and perhaps make it every second session if you’re not edging every day.

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Lord Vayne, I think is related (strongly) to the time you spend stimulating yourself and (weakly) to how many days you are doing it. Perhaps if you go for and hour+ you will have blue balls.

I’ll have to try that 8inch. (wow i’m weird , I’m asking for advice on how to experience pain in my balls lol)

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I also doesnt get blue balls often… but the days that I was edging for hours and also 2 to 3 times per day… Severe blue balls, but aint that bad, for me it was like 10 mins of “suffering” and then it goes away.

I’ve given myself blue balls a couple times, but not nearly as often as I’ve edged. I think it has to do with how close you come to cumming. If you’re just steadily stroking for an hour or two but never get close no problems, but if you let yourself get right to the edge of losing it a couple times seems like you’re guaranteed blue balls.

Just my observations

Why would you not? When you edge, you’re going through all the motions. The fluids build up and that pressure is in there, and then you drop it and keep it inside for another day? That just doesn’t sound good for the body.

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