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So I have been on a PE programmer (newbie forum) for about 2 weeks. Today I warmed up, 5 minutes stretching, then did a bit of dry jelquing. Was a little bit uncomfortable so put a bit of moisturizer on, also as I was doing it rather a large red spot appeared just below the glans.

2 Mins later I look down and I’m basically cumming blood, 2 or 3 big drops of it. I stopped immediately, no sharp pain just a little tender. Has this happened to anyone? I had about a 50 / 60% erection while jelqing, thinking I must applying too much pressure? Its only just happened so going to take a few days rest now to allow full recovery, but would like to hear from more experienced members!

Spots happen right under the skin from time to time, it’s a burst blood vessel. Just back off for a few days. You’re probably jelquing with too much of a hard on or using too much pressure. Really shouldn’t be going at it too hard until your penis is adjusted to the new routine (don’t know how long you’ve been at it). As far as blood from your urethra it happens from time to time for me, I don’t get too concerned but others may have different input. I’ve been doing this for a year +. Just take it easy friend, your dick needs to get used to all the weenie tugging.

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Now: BPEL 7-1/8" MSEG 5-1/2" (permanent gains)

You damaged your urethra. It should be fine in day or two, but better you take some more days off. Probably you applied an OK grip, which puts too much pressure on the underside of the penis. Try a C or U grip.

It happened to me last week or so while doing too many Ullis. Ullis are like jelqging but with the plams down and 100% erection. Two little drops came out. I was told to leave a week off, I just stopped Ullis for 3 days and that’s it. I have been PE for over 6 months and never had a problem like that. You have been doing PE for les than 1 month and just jelqing you are bleeding, and i think abit more than I did. And I repeat I got bleeding from ullis which are much more agressive than simple jelqs. Watch out man! You seem to be a sensitve guy. Leave some time off, you can still do stretches and very light jelqs for circulation recovery. But next 2-3 days off!!

Thanks guys much appreciated. Its good to hear other people have experienced this! I will take on marineras advice about grip as still getting used to jelqing so this makes sense to try a different grip. Mini me is on a vacation currently so will be kinder to him when he’s ready to recommence!

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