Blood Thinner Medication Update Pump & Jelq

I just wanted to update everyone about being on blood thinner medication due to blood clots. I just started taking this medication and I asked in a different post if it’s safe to jelq and pump and well fellow members told me to be cautious which I was, I have discovered that blood thinner medication has not taken any effect on my penis. I am on Xerolto which is newest and FDA approved and works very well for those who may start taking medication. The only thing I do recommend is being safe with the pump because a donut may end up more swollen than normal but other than that everything is perfectly safe. My jelq sessions have been nothing but normal and so have my pump sessions. If your an experienced pumper then you shouldn’t have any problems while taking medication. I am still new to pumping so I am just being cautious still. Thank you everyone and I hope this post helps the next person who wants to jelq and pump while being on blood thinner medication. Other methods have not been tested by me yet so if others want to test them then by all means.