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blood flushback when jelqing

blood flushback when jelqing

Anyone experience this? Lately when I’ve been jelqing I’ve found that if I don’t let go when I get close to the head (judging from videos and instructions here not unreasonably close) the blood flushes out of it, creating this rather disturbing blood-rushing backflow type sensation. Is this dangerous?

NOTE: I have “slight aortal regurgitation”, (yes I know you aren’t doctors)

Aortic regurgitation has nothing to do with blood flow in your penis during jelqing. The blood is supposed to enter and exit, so you get continued fresh blood supply.

One foot to go

I kegel before each stroke (toward the head odbviously).

This kegels more blood in.
Thus breaking more cells down within the penis. =good

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No i think i know what hes talking about! When i jelq towards my penis head, i can feel that “rushback” too. And i can see some of the viens expand, personally tho, i always looked at that as a good sign that i was getting enough blood into the head and upper shaft region and it was leavein through a vien…

Hopefully yours isnt going back through an artery. Maybe you should ask a doc.

later days

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I would think this a pretty easily answered question since pretty much everybody here jelqs, the answers have been inconclusive (though well intentioned from the few who have responded) so far, no vet responses that I can see.

Why don’t newbies post? 1)threads with small, inconclusive feedback 2)”Do a search”

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