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Blood Diffusion

Blood Diffusion

Hey all, hate to make my very first post be about a matter of concern, but I could really use some diagnostic help. :)

Anyways I just started P.E. Three days ago using the usual manual techniques, and following the general training guidelines that senior members have recommended. The first two days went well enough, but last night while jelqing I noticed a slight bloodstain on my hand and glands.

Needless to say I was a bit freaked at first, but closer examination indicated that nothing major had gone awry. In fact, I couldn’t find any indication of tissue damage. There weren’t any broken veins/arteries/capillaries and the tissue looked fine and healthy (though pretty engorged with blood). It almost appears as though the pressure on the glans caused so much blood to build up that some seeped through the skin.

Since the bleeding was not accompanied by any pain or discomfort I returned to jelqing, exercising a great deal of caution to ensure that the pressure didn’t reach previous levels. With the reduced intensity, nothing else went wrong for the rest of the workout.

Today I did a close examination and there are still no hints of damage: no bruising, clots, cuts, or pain/sensitivity were evident. So I was wondering: is it possible that the high pressure I was using caused blood to just diffuse through the skin w/o breaking it, seeping through the cracks as it were? Furthermore, have any other members experienced this before? If so, was it a chronic or one time problem and should I be concerned?

Thanks all.

Thanks Thunder for the link.

Whats odd, however, is that it wasn’t any sort of discharge. It actually occurred at the ridge (or just behind it) of the glans. Furthermore it only involved a very minuscule amount of blood, and there weren’t any hints of a problem when urinating.

Ill definitely be taking a few days off though to be on the safe side.

Thanks again.


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