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Blood Clot Concerns

Blood Clot Concerns

There is a show on cable called “1000 ways to die” which is a factual television show that recreates different ways people have actually died and includes interviews with experts who describe the science behind each death.

On one episode called “Kill Basa” they depict how a guy (his death happened in 1996) who was very insecure of his penis size, tied a 12-inch kielbasa sausage with some surgical tubing to his leg. He placed it from his crotch area pointing down his leg to purposely show off a 12-inch bugle under his pants. He did this at some club somewhere and then went on the dance floor to show off his bugle.

No doubt, he was THE center of attraction for the night, but then he dropped dead of a stroke and died there on the spot.

The narrators explained his death was due to a blood clot that was caused by the surgical tubing that was pressing against the leg artery that connects to the heart.

Now, I have always had concerns about the clamping routines and the use of any straps or ropes when using any stretching device.

I have already purchased and actively used the Xleeve ADS and do use the strap that ties on to the leg.

Q: What is the risk involved with using leg strap?

Q: How dangerous could it really be?

Any comments on this subject?

That episode really freaked me out..


Here is the episode from the spike TV website:

Here is the Xleeve product website:

I’m not a Med, but I think They were speaking of a thromboembolism; maybe a blood analysis could be good to make you less anxious about such a danger:


In classical terms, thrombosis is caused by abnormalities in one or more of the following (Virchow’s triad):

The formation of a thrombus is usually caused by Virchow’s triad. To elaborate, the pathogenesis includes: an injury to the vessel’s wall (such as by trauma, infection, or turbulent flow at bifurcations); by the slowing or stagnation of blood flow past the point of injury (which may occur after long periods of sedentary behavior—for example, sitting on a long airplane flight); by a blood state of hypercoagulability (caused for example, by genetic deficiencies or autoimmune disorders).

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