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Blood blisters from head...

Blood blisters from head...

I’ve been on the mid to lighter side of PE for about 2-3 months now, and have NEVER had a girl suck my glans as hard as tonight. Let me just say… ‘out of control’!

Well, I’ve just come home, and now I see some unwelcome, almost hickey like marks on the tip of my glans. I’ve burst a little capillary while doing PE once or twice; this is just like that, but on a wider area on my glans… (sex was protected)… I’m also turtling too.

The funny thing is, lately, I’ve been pumping with a smaller tube at about 5 hg of pressure. I feel the pressure from the smaller tube right on the tip of the glans. This felt like I had gone about a pump or two too far on the pressure threshold… and sure enough, look at the effects.

I wish that I had a digital camera to attach a pic.

Hmmm, I wonder if I will see other negative PI’s in the morning.

Well, thought that I’d share this funny head story. Here I was/am worried about PE injuries, and I run into ‘the amazon of head’.

Hope everyone is doing well. Goodnight.

Shouldn’t you take a break and wait till you heal? I’ve not been injured from doing PE so I’ve not dealt with it like you.

Yeah, I’m going to take a couple of days break from PE, and ask for mercy next time.

Wear a constriction sleeve the next time she gives you a blowjob. You won’t feel as much, but… :)

regards, mgus

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