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Blisters how long do they usually last

Blisters how long do they usually last

Hey guys, I’ve already been off peing for a month after noticing 5 blisters (about a mm in size) on my shaft. Most of them resting near the base. 2 having a clear fluid centre and the others don’t seem to rise up as much but have a white surrounding. I worry that they could be warts, because its been a month and they haven’t seem to disappear. But like I said they’re very tiny and they haven’t changed in size since. So I wonder. Could blisters last longer than a month? You see, I was on the newbie routine 2on 1 off and using the bathmate on days off.

Thanks guys hope you can help me with this.

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Normal blisters go away before a month…my advice to you is rest rest rest, warm baths, massages, refrain from masturbating for awhile. Any kind of friction will just piss them off, if I were you I would definitely have my doctor check it out, could e something easily treatable or something to speed up the healing process. You leave yourself in the dark with any kind of problem with your penis and you’ll go crazy or depressed…not good. Keep us posted!

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Cheers mate! Will take your advice. I’ll try and hold off from masturbating as much as possible. If no changes seen in a couple of weeks time, I’ll summon up some courage and see the doctor.

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