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Blister, ugh, a lesson for all.

Blister, ugh, a lesson for all.

I have been hanging finally with some consistency for the last week. Up until now I have been doing PE inconsistently but have still managed 1/2in. Gain in length (but over last 8yrs). I know that if I was consistent I would be doing better. So once again, I have re-dedicated myself to hanging (as I feel this works best). I also pump now and then (mainly before sex as to get a nice fuller feeling for me and my wife).
I am 7.5 in. BPEL and 5.5 EG. I am 4 inches totally flaccid in length (non-bone pressed).

This AM I went down to the basement to hang for 2 20 min. Sessions (I use 13.5 lbs. Standing up, hanging straight down using BIB hanger). Well as soon as I got downstairs I got an erection. It just wouldn’t go away and since you don’t want to hang erect, I said to myself that why don’t I pump for a few minutes and then masturbate to ejaculation, then I would lose my erection and could hang.

Well after pumping for about 10min. I hung for the first 20min. It really started hurting around 15 min. But I gritted my teeth and hung another 5min. To get to 20min. Well, after 20min. I took off the BIB and I had a blister on the end of my cock. I am SO pissed off at myself. Maybe if I had stopped at 15min. I would have no blister. Just goes to show you guys, LISTEN to your body.

Also, I don’t recommend pumping for more than 2-3 min. Before hanging as I think this may have caused the blister too.

Oh well, no PE for a few days now.


Pumping and hanging don’t mix well, IMHO.

However, I can still do Jelqs. In fact maybe the jelquing will help heal the blister better.


In fact maybe it wont.

regards, mgus

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Blisters are pain full.. I suggest a 2 day rest, blisters don’t occupy allot off healing time, just divert your attention elsewhere when you are having morning wood. Like watch tv for 5 minutes or eat some breakfast and stop thinking about it and don’t kegel haha

Start Mar-16-2009 BPEL 7.2" (18,3 cm) EG midshaft 5.12" (13,0 cm)

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You do not want to do ANYTHING that will cause fluid build up before you hang it makes it really uncomfortable, and if any time through your set you suddenly get a weird discomfort or a pain in your skin stop the set. I pushed through a weird pain I had in my skin and ended up with a blister not too long ago, now if for any reason I feel that feeling I drop my set and re-wrap or wait until later to hang some more.

Have you ever hung after you masturbated? If I ejaculate I absolutely can not hang afterwards.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

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