Blessed Heat

So from when I joined Thunders last year until recently, I’ve never stuck to a routine or used heat prior to performing any stretches. I’ve seen some improvement in EQ over the course of this time just from performing jelqs and kegels and some stretches here and there.

Now, this last week (literally started on Monday) I’ve begun a light routine;

5 Minutes Heating with a Hot Water Bottle
10 Minutes Stretching
5 Minutes Kegels + Clamping with my hand at the base (Ulis?)
10 Minutes Heating with a Hot Water Bottle

This is performed in bed, just before I go to sleep.

Some observations;
- Flaccid hang is greatly improved throughout the whole of the next day
- Flaccid hang on waking is, I think, as large as 40-50% erection, but soft
- Testicles are hanging lower
- Erections immediately after heating are almost painfully hard and ‘feel’ heavy
- Ease of erection has improved

This is after just 4 days, and as a result think it means I should probably measure where I’m at now and record my progress over the coming months. The stand-out part of this to me is the massive difference warming up and down seems to be making compared to not doing it, and is something for every newbie to note. I think being in bed after the session also helps as it helps to retain some of the heat you applied to your penis post-workout, and the night time erections whilst the tissues are still warm and maleable can only be a good thing.

So I would say; take it from someone that has tried pills, pumps, clamps, ADS and stretchers and start small. Invest in a method of heating and focus on getting your penis into the right condition to work on it rather than assaulting it with a crazy mix of exercises and devices. If it doesn’t work for you, add a little bit more to your routine until it does. The newbie routine is probably your best bet - but get that heat on.

And a hot water bottle is something completely acceptable to take to bed in winter, should you have privacy issues :)